Ignite the YFood conversation that will push innovation in the food ecosystem forward using tech.

Host a YCommunity Event

Supporting Food Tech startups is at the core of everything we do. Startups are invited to host a community event during YFood Tech Week. Showcase your talent, celebrate your success, unite the Food Tech community, conduct a workshop, create a forum for problem-solving or collaborate with a fellow brand – the limit is yours to stretch. We set the stage, you take it away!

Become a YFood Partner

Work closely together with the YFood team to host personalised events that deliver on your goals and objectives in a fun, dynamic and engaging way. Leverage our partners, network and community to take your event further. Together, let’s mold the future of food.

Become a Key Contributor

Media or Content Partner: Join the conversation on the future of food and become a YFood media and content partner.

Food and Drink Supplier: Showcase your amazing products to the YFood community. Get in front of industry-leading brands, retailers and investors. Tell your story, gain feedback and grow your food network!

Join YFood

Join us in the House of Food Tech where the conversation happens. Become a YFood thought leader. YFood thought leaders are the movers and shakers shaping the Food Tech world. Create content for this platform to lead the movement for positive impact in a global, commercial and scalable manner.

Become a Food & Drinks Provider

Showcase your fabulous products and brand at events across YFood Tech Week London. Our bespoke events are the perfect opportunity to get your brand straight into the hands of top decision makers and influencers from the industry. We’ve got a whole range of options to suit you and your product. Please get in touch with us to find out more.