Hi there, we’re YFood!

We’re an interactive platform passionate about driving innovation in the Food Industry using technology. By connecting and supporting the most brilliant minds in the food industry, we want to harness the infinite possibilities of collaboration and co-creation to develop impactful solutions to food issues that affect us all.

The food ecosystem is ripe for disruption and we’re fired up about solving global food issues in a commercial, replicable and scalable manner. We do this by creating opportunities for Food Tech startups, investors and larger organisations to connect over meaningful partnerships. We’re also vocal champions of Food Tech disruptors who are hungry for change in the food ecosystem.

We work with like-minded organisations to create dynamic events and bespoke projects, produce online content, generate deal flow and mentor Food Tech startups. Our annual YFood Tech Week is our largest event, which we use to make the greatest noise possible about Food Tech.

What Food Tech Means To Us

Food Tech is technological innovation that is applied to the food value chain. The food value chain is as exhaustive as farm to plate to bin and everything else in between — production, transportation and storage, processing, marketing, distribution, consumption and ultimately disposal.

Food Tech has the potential to change the value chain by improving or replacing existing technology solutions. It can also create entirely new links in the value chain and open up new markets; or it could eliminate weak links that have long been causing inefficiencies in the industry and ecosystem. Simply put, Food Tech means the world to us.

Something To Chew On

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