The Future of Food Innovation is Here – 13 Boundary Smashing Food & Bev Startups We Love

Wednesday 11th July

By YFood

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The Food & Beverage industry is ready for a reinvention and nothing gets us more excited than meeting hot new Food & Beverage startups who are pushing boundaries, flavour combinations and taste experiences and offering cutting-edge products that respond to societal and environmental needs. Here we reveal 13 of the most innovative companies that will be be feeding our hungry YFood Insight and Innovation Day attendees on 17 July. Discover these fascinating companies and how they are evolving the Food & Beverage industry.

BOL Foods


BOL is on a mission to help reverse our negative impact on the planet by inspiring people to eat more plants. They create a variety of products from veg pots, salad jars and super soups. The vegan & vegetarian meals BOL has created are both delicious and nutritious, completely natural and always tasty. The founder of BOL, Paul Brown, will be speaking at the YFood Insight and Innovation Day to share his revolutionary story of how he created BOL Foods and the inspiring decision to go 100% plant-based as a brand this summer.

Smith and Sinclair

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 19

Smith & Sinclair are a cutting-edge business that create bespoke products and edible alcohol experiences that bring excitement to consumers and offer something totally unexpected. They offer a point of difference through ingestible products, taking the mundane and making it extra-ordinary. Smith and Sinclair will be hosting The Gin Experience and The Edible Vapour Orbes at the YFood Insight and Innovation Day on 17 July, so join us for this unforgettable experience.


Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 19.43.21

Revolicious aims to deliciously revolutionise eating on the go by creating vibrant, nutritious and engaging plant-based foods that empower people to make healthier food choices. They make 100% natural, plant-based Smoothie Bowls for the food-to-go market. The smoothie bowls are a go-to solution for a healthy meal on the run – for breakfast, lunch and everything in between.

Chewy Moon


ChewyMoon’s subscription-based service provides children with healthy snacks which have been developed by nutritionists and received the tick of approval by children. ChewyMoon aims to develop snacks that aren’t left lonely and uneaten, and are loved by children whilst at the same time being 100% natural and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Taylor St. Baristas


Taylor St. Baristas started as of the premiere speciality cafes in London. Now with twelve years experience & twelve cafes, they also offer a world class barista training program and wholesale marketing. From private parties to team hosting events, hold an event at Taylor st Baristas to learn about how to make a cracking cup of coffee right at home.

Jens Møller Products ApS

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 20

Danish company Jens Møller Products ApS has made an unlikely pairing between seaweed and caviar to create a range of pearl products that looks and tastes like caviar, whilst being derived from purely plant-based ingredients. Their vegan product is kind to the planet (and animalkind), whilst being a great addition to any spread of canapes and appetizers.

Mindful Bites


Mindful Bites strongly believe that as a society, we need to fundamentally change how we approach food and drink. Inspired by mindfulness and the powerful effect it has on modifying behaviour, they have created a brand new snack. An innovative mess-free squeeze sachet of nut butter, made of the highest quality nuts blended with superfoods which deliver the vital energy needed for the body.



AquaEsse is creating a beautiful new range of essential waters. Designed for hydration, health and happiness. The future-focused, innovative AquaEsse waters come from pure sustainable sources with well balanced minerality. Then they are gently activated through copper, gold, amethyst and quartz to create a beautiful, refreshing hydration experience.

Eat Grub


Eat Grub are out to unseat traditional sources of protein in our diets for a more sustainable option – insects! They’re out to revolutionise Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it. Insects require a fraction of the land, water and feed that traditional livestock do, and are just as rich in protein. Eat Grub’s product range includes crickets, grasshoppers, buffalo worms and mealworms, plus a variety of snack products.  They’re working with the likes of Ocado, S-Group, Bewley’s and The Economist to bring insects to the mainstream.

The Coconut Collaborative


The Coconut Collaborative is the number 1 premium yogurt and dessert brand in Europe. Started almost 4 years ago by James Averdieck (founder of Gu) the team on are mission to spread the coco love far and wide! The coconut collaborative make a range of vegan, gluten and dairy-free products from delicious, yogurts to ice creams and other desserts.

Dorset and Deen

Dorset _ Dean

Focusing on the probiotic benefits of the naturally carbonated tonics and kombuchas as mixers for English spirits, alongside English wines and mead. Dorset and Deen are based on mindful Drinking, producing a range of low alcohol drinks with tonics and bitters. Also, a menu of small plates and sharing platters with elements of fermented foods on all, from krauts and kimchis, to cured and smoked meats and fish, sourdoughs, cultured butters, and dips. Through their key ethos of fermentation in their products, they are allowing friendly bacteria and yeasts to culture the food, when ingested these probiotics populate our intestines and improve our overall gut health.


Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 19.38.14

Algama is another company with sustainability at the heart of their product development and they’re also out to combat traditional sources of protein and replace them with protein sources that are gentle on the planet. They’re out to develop the sector of the future: micro-algae. Micro-algae has unique nutritional properties and is protein-rich, and Algama has the savvy and culinary nous to create healthy and great-tasting everyday foods using it.

One Planet Pizza

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 19

One Planet Pizza is the UK’s first frozen Vegan Pizza company, bringing you a classic range of award-winning Pizzas. Lovingly made from scratch by hand using only the finest ingredients, their delicious flavours include the Three Sheese Margherita, Hawaiian, Funghi Feast and the Mediterranean Roasted Vegetable. Good for you, the planet and the animals.

Come and meet these exciting Food & Beverage startups at the YFood Insight and Innovation Day and feast on their products during our Interactive Showcasing.

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