10 Food Tech Innovators set to Transform the Food & Retail Industry

Friday 6th July

By YFood

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The Food & Retail industry is ready for a shake up, and we're excited to see tech firmly taking the lead. Tech is helping to the drive the sectors to be more personalised, experiential, engaging, sustainable and transparent, whilst boosting profits and efficiency. We'll be showcasing some of the hottest Food Tech startups the industry has to offer at the YFood Insight & Innovation Day, the Food & Retail edition. Discover our top Food & Retail innovators below and come and meet their teams and experience their products on the day, plus learn how these industry disruptors are helping the Food and Retail industry evolve.



One of the unfortunate byproducts of globalisation has been complex, convoluted and opaque supply chains, whereby the consumer is shielded from the origins of the product they are consuming, sometimes at a huge human and environmental cost. Provenance is a platform that empowers brands and retailers to take steps toward greater transparency by tracing the origins and histories of products. With their technology, stories can easily be gathered and verified, ensuring consumers can guarantee that their groceries are ethically sourced, and that as a retailer you can trust your suppliers.  Co-op, Unilever, Sainsbury’s, Sappi and the The Soil Association have already partnered with them.

Eat Grub


Eat Grub are out to unseat traditional sources of protein in our diets for a more sustainable option – insects! They’re out to revolutionise Western food culture by introducing insects as a staple part of it.  Insects require a fraction of the land, water and feed that traditional livestock do, and are just as rich in protein. Eat Grub’s product range includes crickets, grasshoppers, buffalo worms and mealworms, plus a variety of snack products.  They’re working with the likes of Ocado, S-Group, Bewley’s and The Economist to bring insects to the mainstream.



Shifting grocery shopping from the offline space to the online space has been a radical transformation.  And that’s now being taken a further step forward by Northfork, who offers grocery retailers a shop-by-recipe platform, whereby consumers can simply add the groceries they need to create a recipe in one fell swoop. It’s a value add for consumers by simplifying the shopping process, whilst also increasing the consumer’s basket sizes and thus the retailer’s margins.  With shopping made this simple, perhaps we’ll be less likely to shy away from those complex multi-ingredient recipes.



Blippar envisages a world where any environment can be transformed into a retail store environment with the touch of a button. They’re specialists in Augmented Reality and computer vision technology, which has broad retail applications. Imagine rummaging through virtual clothes to try on within the comfort of your home, or watching as a package you pick up in-store is able to tell a moving brand story. According to Blippar, Augmented reality technology can deepen customer engagement, drive footfall and increase sales and they’ve got some pretty exciting developments in the pipeline.



Algama is another company with sustainability at the heart of their product development. Like Eat Grub, they’re also out to combat traditional sources of protein and replace them with protein sources that are gentle on the planet. They’re out to develop the sector of the future: micro-algae. Micro-algae has unique nutritional properties and is protein-rich, and Algama has the savvy and culinary nous to create healthy and great-tasting everyday foods using it. Thus far French retailers such as Carrefour, Casino and Accor are already on-board and you can taste the magic for yourself at the YFood insight & Innovation Day on 17th July.



Karma is a social enterprise dedicated to battle one of the world’s largest climate issues: food waste. With the Karma app, restaurants, cafes and grocery stores can sell their surplus food to consumers at a lower price and consumers can eat great food whilst saving money. It’s a win-win-win situation as businesses receive an additional revenue stream and reach new customers, all whilst preventing the unnecessary depletion of resources to produce uneaten food!



DNAFit is a wellness genetics company who match elite sportspeople and ordinary consumers to the fitness and diet plans that best match their DNA. This is all done through a simple saliva test taken at home. DNAFit have been able to isolate genes that have a clear environmental interaction. This means your genetic information can be used to create actionable insights that inform your food intake and exercise regime! Current clients and advocates include Rio Ferdinand, the Egyptian National Football team, Greg Rutherford, Bryan Habana, Egyptian Olympic Committee, LinkedIn, TalkTalk, BNP Paribas and Channel 4.



ChewyMoon’s subscription-based service provides children with healthy snacks which have been developed by nutritionists and received the tick of approval by children.  ChewyMoon aims to develop snacks that aren’t left lonely and uneaten, and are loved by children whilst at the same time being 100% natural and rich in vitamins and minerals. They are also developing a retail product.

Jens Møller Products ApS


Danish company Jens Møller Products ApS has made an unlikely pairing between seaweed and caviar to create a range of pearl products that looks and tastes like caviar, whilst being derived from purely plant-based ingredients.  Their vegan product is kind to the planet (and animalkind), whilst being a great addition to any spread of canapes and appetizers.



Chainvine have created a platform which stores their client’s data efficiently, enabling it to be managed in a secure and intelligent way. Their platform harnesses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which decentralises a company’s ledger system to create a secure, intuitive and permanent recording of their data. Having done substantial work in the wine sector, the company has been developing a  wine bottle with IoT sensors, which allows wine buyers, for instance, to track down the exact location and temperature.

Come and meet these exciting Food Tech startups at the YFood Insight & Innovation Day, the Food & Retail edition and trial and demo their products during our Interactive Showcasing.

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