Three Cutting-Edge Startups Give Us the Low-Down on New London Pitching Event FoodBytes! (And why you need to get involved!)

Tuesday 5th June

By YFood

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Exciting news just in! One of our favourite programmes from North America that have been supporting startups in the food and agricultural sectors, FoodBytes! is coming to London on September 12 and 13. As their community partner, we’re excited to support their London debut. We spoke to three past participants to hear about how they are shaking up the industry and how the competition helped them along their journey.

The food supply chain from farm to fork is a cumbersome beast, riddled with inefficiencies that have huge environmental and social consequences. So how do we drive a purposeful and more sustainable food system?  What gets us most excited about Food Tech here at YFood is its ability to drive lasting and scalable solutions that can transform the food system for the better.

So we were super excited to support FoodBytes! by Rabobank coming to London and they want you to apply! They are a food and agriculture pitch competition-meets-networking platform that supports startups within the food industry that tackle challenges of sustainability, environment, nutrition, and have social impact at their core.

Through a series of transformational pitching competitions that have been rolled out around the world, FoodBytes! connects startups in the food, agriculture and technology space with a highly targeted audience of investors, corporates, media and entrepreneurs. Across two jam-packed days, participating startups get mentored by some of the industry’s most inspirational leaders, and pitch to and network with the people that can help them scale their business on a global platform. We interviewed three past participants to understand how they’re shaking up the food system and what FoodBytes! has done for them.

ImpactVision FoodBytes YFood blog


Abi Ramanan is out to unseat the “really regressive way” shelf life and product quality is determined by food processors and retailers. She is the co-founder of UK Food Tech startup ImpactVision, a pioneering company which harnesses the power of hyperspectral imaging to non-invasively analyse food and report its characteristics. The freshness of fish, ripeness of an avocado and whether a product is contaminated with plastic can now all be determined using their imaging technology which collects chemical information at a pixel level, then analyses it following a period of machine-learning. Revolutionary stuff!

Soon, gone will be the days of archaic visual tests or processors relying on invasive tests that destroy food.  Abi’s mission is for ImpactVision to put a heavy dent in current food waste stats – which amount to US$990 billion per year.

Abi participated in FoodBytes! in New York in 2017, and told us, “Taking part in FoodBytes! and winning the People’s Choice Award gave ImpactVision’s profile a boost at the perfect time…. the visibility during and after the competition as well as at the Rabobank Client Appreciation Summit as part of the prize led to many new connections with food companies and investors. The prize was packed full of really useful services, like free legal and design support, which every early-stage startup is in need of. I am so excited to see FoodBytes! arrive in London and all that it can accomplish in the food world here!”

Want to follow in ImpactVision’s footsteps and win a place to pitch at FoodBytes! London in September? Apply by 1 July HERE and make sure you let them know you heard it from YFood. 

Nectar FoodBytes YFood blog


The media is awash with coverage on the crucial services bees provide our ecosystem and their importance becomes clear when we think that three quarters of the crops we depend on benefit from pollination from insects like bees. The co-founders of apiary management platform Nectar, Marc-Andre Roberge and Xavier de Briey believe that it’s imperative to give bees a little TLC and make sure they are thriving and happy!  Their cutting edge technology provides recommendations for bee management based on the analysis of data points such as temperature & humidity, which is tracked by a device placed within the beehive. This reduces the need for passé smoking-out procedures and invasive inspections!

Nectar was a winner at Montreal’s FoodBytes! competition. For co-founder Marc-Andre, “If you’re building a food-related startup, FoodBytes! is the perfect place to get the word out about your innovation: the people in the room understand what you want to accomplish. The experience is all about the entrepreneur and making sure you’re in the spotlight”.

Want to follow in Nectar’s footsteps and win a place to pitch at FoodBytes! London in September? Apply by 1 July HERE and make sure you tell them YFood sent you!

real co Foodbytes yfood blog

The Real Co.

We’ve all heard of “single origin” thrown about in terms of coffee, indicating a superior, ethically produced and ultimately costlier brew.  But what exactly does it mean?  And how can other produce benefit from the single origin concept? According to The Real Co, an innovative food startup from the UK, single origin food creates a fairer food system, as consumers know the geographic location of the food they are consuming down to the individual farm. Single origin prevents big food companies shielding consumers from unfair trading relationships in the name of fat profits!  The Real Co envisages a time when single origin products will be ubiquitous across all grocery categories, but for the moment their seven ethical and sustainable food products sourced directly from farmers in specific geographic locations, are stocked in 1,700 stores across the US.

Of their recent experience taking part in FoodBytes! their CEO Belal El-Banna, told us ‘We took part in Foodbytes! for the opportunity to meet investors, but what we got was so much more. We met industry experts who hosted mentoring sessions that gave us insights and direct feedback about our business and specific markets. The Foodbytes! experience has allowed us to self-reflect and prepare ourselves and our business for the next phase. We highly recommend to any startup or early stage business.”

Have you got a game-changing approach to driving sustainability across the food ecosystem or have a food or agriculture startup with social impact?  Do you want to pitch your business in front of top investors, corporates from the Rabobank network, executives, the media and entrepreneurs? Do you want to meet potential new clients, partners and investors and gain invaluable mentoring?  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the first London cohort for this two-day food and agriculture pitch competition-meets-networking event and join an incredible network of 200+ cutting edge startup alumni around the world! 

FoodBytes! will be kicking off on 12 September in London and applications are open until 1 July to take part so APPLY NOW!

Apply now

If you want to hear more about the programme, make sure you come to our next YFood Tech Wednesdays on 27th June as the team will be there to answer all your questions.

Hero banner photo credit: Kassie Borreson


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