Eight Independent Food Brands We’re Excited About

Monday 30th April

By YFood

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The food and drink landscape is constantly changing and there are so many new brands popping up that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, exploring new flavour combinations, finding ways to feed people more sustainably and making healthy exciting, and responding to changing consumer habits and lifestyles. We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting independent food brands that are shaking up the industry and we’ll be showcasing 8 of them at the YFood Insight & Innovation Day.

Kaleido 1 - Laura Mimoun


Kaleidoscope reinvents the most boring but healthiest food of all: the salad. At YFood we absolutely love these stunning little parcels – Brightly coloured goodness brought together in an endless array of beautiful combinations, all rolled up inside a magical tube made of transparent rice paper – it doesn’t get more delicious than that and these healthy rice paper rolls are definitely a trend to look out for more and more.

10 - Daniela Hofmann


Dani & David share a love of good, healthy food made with care using great ingredients and a passion for simplicity and sustainability. They started talking about the way cafes are run, how tight margins are and whether they could do anything to help. From that conversation they designed fetchh, an ordering chatbot.

But fetch is so much more than just a chatbot – the brand brings joy, connection and healthy hot drinks into your life through pop-up stalls, personalised ordering via Facebook Messenger and a unique wholesale offering. We’re major fans of their super instagrammable super food lattes!

2017-12-24-p-0039 - Dianne Skurray

Aqua Esse

Aqua Esse is creating a new range of refreshingly intelligent and unexpectedly beautiful pure essential waters. Founder Dianne has connected with some of the most future-focused thinkers and keepers of ancient knowledge, to create a new kind of hydration experience. From naturally alkaline, pure sustainable sources, their water is gently activated through copper, gold, amethyst and quartz. Adding only uniquely distilled aromatic botanical and colloidal waters, their range is premium and innovative, designed for health, happiness and hydration. Nothing artificial. Just the essentials. And stunningly bottled.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 17.40.29

Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

Kinomi (nuts in Japanese) seek perfection in the form of a nut. Founder Hiromi Stone calls herself the Willy Wonker of nuts and Kinomi began when she served mixed nuts flavoured with soya sauce, kombu and sake to her Japanese home cooking students. Kinomi are prepared according to the simple ethos of Japanese cooking: take the very best ingredients, add just enough seasoning to lift the flavours and enjoy. Kinomi is also the sole supplier of baru nuts, hailing from the Brazilian savanna. Delicious, nutritious and crucial for the environment; they aim to make barus a household name.

IMG_5985 - gillian Venning

The Temperance Spirit Company

Ever been at a party and wished you could enjoy a drink or two even as the designated driver? The Temperance Spirit Company has answered our woes! A drinks company based in North Yorkshire it launched its first adult-styled soft-drink Teetotal GnT in December 2015. Teetotal drinks look and most importantly taste like the real thing so you too can feel part of the party! Teetotal G‘n’T has all the flavour of Gin and Tonic but without the alcohol. It is made from natural ingredients and botanicals found in a good gin and tonic. Cuba Libre has all the flavour of Dark Rum & Cola but without the alcohol. It is made from natural ingredients, a superior blend of Caribbean flavours, selected spices and premium cola. Currently stocked in over 700 outlets – on-trade and retail across the UK with fast growing export sales.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 17.39.29


40% of British crops are rejected because of their shape or size. 1/3 of the food we produce in the UK is never eaten. 600,000 tonnes of food are wasted in restaurants per year. 300,000 tonnes of food wasted by supermarkets per year.  The adult population adds a staggering 7 million tonnes on the top of that. The list goes on.

ChicP is one of our favourite waste free warriors and was created to counter act against this waste and have a positive impact on the community, our natural resources and shaping our health habits for the better. Founder Hannah creates the most delicious hummus from surplus fruit and vegetables proving that surplus doesn’t mean rubbish!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 18.51.53

Tuk In Foods

Tuk In Foods is an exciting new brand, offering delicious Indian street food to eat on the go. Their curry-in-a-naan product combines delicious Indian curries with succulent pilau rice. It is wrapped and sealed in soft naan bread – creating the ultimate ‘Curry-in-a-Hurry’!


Borough Wines Imports

Wine tastes better when it’s sourced, poured and consumed in a sustainable fashion. Borough Wines Imports is at the forefront of draught wine, supplying products economically in reusable kegs that help customers maintain or improve margins and increase quality. We love them because they have sustainability at their core – and it helps that that their wine is so tasty too!





Join us for a feast and meet the founders and teams behind these exciting brands at the YFood Insight & Innovation Day.

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