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Monday 16th October

By YFood

We’re an interactive platform passionate about driving innovation in the Food Industry using technology by connecting and supporting the most brilliant minds in the food industry.

As part of London Food Tech Week, we are hosting daily investor drop-in sessions with some of the best investors in the industry. This is a great chance for Food Tech startups to create a dialogue with investors and gain valuable, personalised feedback on their core concept. Investors in turn will be introduced to movements, teams and solutions of real potential within the industry. These short, speedy exchanges will result in effective, actionable outcomes. Investor drop-in sessions will take place throughout the week with experts working in the food and Food Tech industries.

Investor Drop-in Sessions are for Startup Premium Passport holders only. Discover our investors below and as a Premium Passport holder you will be able to book up to 3 Investor Drop-ins throughout the week (pending availability) within the My Tickets section of your Account Dashboard. So get your Premium Startup Passport now so you can book into investor drop-ins now!


Who you will meet: Richard Irwin – Norlin

When: Monday 30 October, 9am – 2pm

Norlin is a privately-owned venture capitalist firm focusing on Hospitality, Leisure and Real Estate. However, we aren’t constrained by sectors or the perceived ‘norms’ in our industry. We aren’t interested in ‘typical’. We look at opportunities through a much wider lens, seeking to support only the most pioneering companies and innovative products that carry strong global potential – regardless of industry, sector or provenance. Neither are we interested in ‘quick wins’. We practise the art of the long view – taking a highly strategic, long-term approach to helping our companies realise their full growth potential. We provide strategic insight and operational support to drive our portfolio of companies to achieve sustainable, long-lasting growth and success. At Norlin, our mission is to make impact and create legacy. Every company we own and operate in our wide portfolio promises to better society in some way, giving back to communities, locally and internationally. Early stage investment: interested in new, innovative and people who are pushing the boundaries on accepted norms.

Octopus Ventures_Logo

Who you will meet: Zoe Chambers – Investor, Octopus Ventures

When: Monday 30 October, 3pm – 6pm

Octopus Ventures is a multi-stage European venture capital investor backing talented teams with the potential to build big businesses. Their main focus is highly talented entrepreneurs who want to build global businesses and they have invested in; Plum Baby; (Health/Wellness perspective – Big Health, Antidote, MyTomorrows, Gymbox, Medisafe). They are looking to meet companies seeking investment at seed and Series A round (cheque size from £250k to c.£3m). Octopus Ventures are agnostic as to exactly who they would be looking to meet but technology is a key focus – alternative proteins, engineering new food sources, waste-tech, productivity of farming (robotics, drones) etc.

Mustard Seed Logo

Who you will meet: Teddy Kim – Senior Associate, Mustard Seed

When: Tuesday 31 October, 5pm – 6pm

Mustard Seed is a principal investor in world-class early-stage businesses that generate financial and societal returns. Mustard Seed believes that solving the greatest of societal ills drives commercial success in the long run. Mustard Seed invests in early stage companies where there is a mutually reinforcing relationship between solving the world’s biggest problems and the generation of financial return, a relationship we call ‘Lock-Step.’ Mustard Seed looks to make initial investments that are typically between £150k – £500k into early-stage businesses, which are defined as being in pre-or pilot revenue phase, with a strategy for supporting and following these initial investments to Series A. We have invested in Winnow, mush, Rubies in the Rubble, Olio, Lifecake, Food Clubs and Rapido.


Who you will meet: Hannah Seal – Investor, Index Ventures

When: Wednesday 1 November, 9am – 12pm

Index Ventures is a multi-stage venture capital firm founded to support the best and most ambitious entrepreneurs, wherever they emerge. With a global network and headquarters in London and San Francisco, Index has been fortunate to work with visionary founders who have built some of the world’s most iconic businesses including Deliveroo, Dropbox, Just Eat, King, Skype, Slack and Supercell. They can back companies across all stages, from seed to venture to growth. Looking for visionary entrepreneurs, an innovative and disruptive business idea and a large market opportunity. They need to have conviction that a business can ultimately exit for many hundreds of million or ideally billions of dollars/euros. They have invested in Deliveroo, Just Eat and Blue Bottle Coffee.


Who you will meet: Chris Persson – General Partner, RECAPEX

When: Wednesday 1 November, 9am – 12pm

RECAPEX invest in early stage digital foodtech, retail and consumer services. Investment made at early stage, pre-A and A rounds. Reserve capital for star performers. €100k to €3M first round investments. They often co-invest with large, established organisations who can leverage their scale and network to turbo-charge entrepreneurial talent. Geographic focus on the Nordics, UK and Germany. Previous investments include Winnow Solutions and Planday.


Who you will meet: Tomoya Yasuda – Head of New Business Development, Foods Market, and International Business, Cookpad & Miles Woodroffe – Vice President of Engineering International, Cookpad & Akinori Maewaga – International Business Development, Cookpad

When: Thursday 2 November, 9am – 2pm

Cookpad is the largest recipe sharing community in the world and believe they can build a better world through encouraging even more people to cook. Everyday home cooking has a profound impact on them and the world around us: it makes us healthier, connects us with our friends and family, and makes our environment more sustainable. Through solving the problems related to everyday cooking, we help people live happier and healthier lives. That’s how we want to change the world. Cookpad’s recent investments have focused on driving global expansion by acquiring recipe services in new regions. 2017 has seen Cookpad acquire three subsidiary companies, in Taiwan, Russia, and in Greece, continuing Cookpad’s strategy of global growth, having previously acquired business in Indonesia, Lebanon, Spain, Hungary, India and the USA. Cookpad are looking to meet Food Tech startups that are solving the challenge of getting more people cooking, are building a more positive and engaged Food ecosystem and are looking for long term strategic partners in their investors.


Who you will meet: Carl Morris – Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Elior Group

When: Thursday 2 November, 9am – 12pm

Founded 25 years ago, Elior Group, one of the world’s leading operators in the contracted food and support services industry, is the caterer of choice in the domains of business, education and health, as well as in the world of travel. Now operating in 15 countries, the Group generated €5,896 million in revenue in FY 2015-2016. Its 120,000 employees serve 4.4 million customers every day in 23,000 restaurants and points of sale. Their mission is to welcome and take care of each individual through personalized catering and service solutions which create an innovative consumer experience. Since 2015, we have primarily invested in foodtech start-ups whose activities are close to our core business or represent a good strategic fit, in order to find new growth drivers as the food delivery and/or new services responding to changing behaviors. Our cooperation may take the form of a strategic investment but this is not automatically the case. We never take more than a minority stake, in order to avoid holding back the start-up’s development and creativeness. The London Food Tech Week is a great opportunity for our team to meet creative & disruptive start-ups with whom we could gathering knowledge and clairvoyance to make every break a time to savor and a source of wellbeing for our guests.


Who you will meet: Oksana Stowe – Principal, True & Kalinka Kay – Associate, True

When: Thursday 2 November, 2pm – 6pm

True is Europe’s only consumer and retail private equity specialist. Via its Live Network, it orchestrates purposeful introductions and collaboration between startup innovators, investors, leading industry partners and its own private equity portfolio. All future thinking, all cross-pollinating, all progressing. All inventive, mutually supportive, and delivering reciprocal advantage. True invests financial – and human – capital in small teams with big ideas. Entrepreneurs, fuelling retail and consumer change through new technology and revolutionary business models. True is experienced: as entrepreneurs themselves, and as investors. They lead or co-lead investment rounds and support their investment companies throughout. True invests up to £500,000 in early stage, globally ambitious companies seeking a sector specialist partner and has the capacity to invest further as businesses scale. Together, they develop a plan for growth, forging action-oriented relationships between their startups, their leading industry partners, their investors and True’s wider private equity portfolio.


Who you will meet: Anthony Rowland- Senior Associate, Bridgepoint

When: Thursday 2 November, 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Bridgepoint is a major international private equity group focused on investing in market-leading businesses, working with management teams to create and realise value within its portfolio companies. Bridgepoint Growth is a dedicated fund making growth capital investments, typically in businesses with significant UK operations seeking equity investment between £5 million and £15 million. The fund has a focus on the consumer, media, technology and business services sectors and in particular on companies utilising digital technologies to achieve transformational growth in their end-markets. Bridgepoint is a longstanding investor in both the food and technology sectors, including investments in food businesses such as Pret a Manger, The Azzuri Group (Ask, Zizzi, Coco di Mama), Vitamin Well and technology companies such as Web Financial Group, eFront, and BigHand.

Climate Kic Logo

Who you will meet: Pan Pan – Flagship Manager, Climate-KIC

When: Friday 3 November, 9am – 2pm

Climate-KIC is EU’s largest public-private partnership and climate initiative addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation through innovation. It is one of six Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the EU. We are hoping to meet European start-ups with innovative tech or financial solutions that can be scaled to boost sustainability, resilience and productivity across agri-food chains. We’re particularly interested in climate-smart solutions in food, fibre, agriculture and the bio-economy that: reduce land- and energy-intensive inputs; reduce GHG emissions or pollutants; encourage a circular economy; increase yields and resilience for producers in and beyond Europe.

Jam Jar Investments Logo

Who you will meet: Kirsty Macdonald – Senior Investment Associate, JamJar Investments

When: Friday 3 November, 2:00pm – 6:00pm

JamJar Investments is run by the innocent founders; Adam, Rich and Jon, to use their cash, experience, advice and network to help committed entrepreneurs build their own successful businesses and have a net positive effect on the world around them. JamJar looks to invest in seed/round A of high growth consumer brand businesses in both digital and non-tech. Their combination of operational, commercial and brand experience was honed over 14 years taking innocent from scratch to sale to Coca Cola for north of half a billion £. That journey means they understand the journey of entrepreneurs, the highs the lows, the challenges and some of the solutions. They want to help disruptive businesses that can transform or dominate an industry.


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