The Disruptors – 20 Food Tech Pioneers Getting Us Excited!

Wednesday 11th October

By YFood

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It’s a really exciting time to be working in the food industry and we’re faced with so many fascinating questions, challenges and opportunities. How do we feed 9 Billion by 2050 and with 75% of the world’s population projected to live in urban areas by 2030, how can cities rise up to the challenge? How has the age-old dining and hospitality industry evolved and what does this mean for eating out, at work or in the home? How does technology change our experience of food and how do we respond to new trends in health and wellness? How do we drive a more purposeful, sustainable yet commercial food system?

We’ll be discussing all of these questions and more during London Food Tech Week 2017 and we’ve pulled in a fantastic lineup of thought leaders, scientists, changemakers and visionaries to bring all these themes to life and share their insight, research, learnings, journeys, challenges and triumphs with us. All true driving forces behind Food Tech disruption, meet twenty disruptors to know below and catch them at London Food Tech Week 2017!


Daniel Vennard, Global Programme Director, World Resources Institute

Daniel runs a program in the World Resources Institute called the Better Buying Lab that works with large food companies and experts in behaviour change and marketing to develop, test and scale new ideas that help shift consumers towards eating more sustainable diets. Join him as he explores how thinking about plant-based foods can open up new revenue streams and help save the planet.

Catch him on Day 1: The Hyper (R)evolution of Eating – Eat Your Greens – The Commercial Opportunities for Plant-based Food for Restaurants, Retailers and Brands

Kimberley Hurd, Co-Founder & CEO, Tabl

Kimberly is the CEO and Co-Founder of Tabl, the UK’s first online marketplace blending independent food and events that serves as a home for its ever-growing food community. Prior to Tabl, Kimberly headed up Zomato UK – the restaurant search and discovery site and app. Before taking the leap into her passion for food, Kimberly spent 10 years in growth strategy and product development in Asia, Europe, Mexico, and the US, for companies including UBS, Moody’s, Accenture and the World Gold Council. Join Kimberley as she discusses how tech can enhance and facilitate new interactions and experiences with our food.

Catch her on Day 2: The Tech Food Reality – The Disruptors (YFood Talks)



Darren GoldsbyChief Digital Officer, The Jamie Oliver Group

Darren has been Chief Digital Officer at Jamie Oliver since March 2017, where he is responsible for driving the use of digital technology to improve all areas of the Jamie Oliver business. He was previously Chief Digital Officer at Hearst Magazines UK where he helped launch the Good Housekeeping Institute, and has worked in the media industry for over 15 years with previous roles at The Financial Times, News Corporation and Rightmove. Get the firsthand scoop from Darren on what keeps The Jamie Oliver Group at the forefront of embracing new technologies.

Catch him on Day 2: The Tech Food Reality – Leading from the Front – A Tech Enabled Revolution


Jeremy KnightCEO, HEJ Coffee

Frustrated with the poor quality of coffee, Jeremy set up his first bean to cup coffee company in West London in 1999. Fast forward to a stint with a large Swedish coffee conglomerate later, Jeremy and his partner Mathew continued to fulfil their passion for coffee by creating HEJ Coffee. Swedish philosophy, Bermondsey born, HEJ Coffee supplies tasty brews to blue chip workplaces across London while maintaining their devotion to sustainability. Join Jeremy as he shares about his journey and vision for coffee in the workplace at The Disruptors, our YFood Talks series.

Day 3: Voting With Their Forks – The Disruptors (YFood Talks) – CSR is Dead

Paul Newnham

Paul Newnham, Coordinator, SDG2 Advocacy Hub

Paul Newnham heads the SDG 2 Advocacy hub – coordinating global campaigning and advocacy to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2: To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030 based out of the UN World Food Programme. Join Paul in exploring various social enterprise models  that are helping solve food waste and hunger.

Catch him on Day 3: Voting With Their Forks – Keynote – How Local Heroes are Solving Global Problems 

Antoine Nussenbaum

Antoine Nussembaum, Partner & Co-Founder, Felix Capital

Antoine is a Partner and member of the founding team of Felix Capital. He currently sits on the boards of Frichti, Urban Massage, Papier and Rad. Prior to Felix Capital, he worked closely with various early-stage digital startups including Mirakl, Reedsy, 31Dover, Jellynote and helped them launch their businesses. He has been involved since inception with Huckletree, a fast growing co-working operator started by his wife. Gain valuable insight and investor perspectives from Antoine as he shares in our Pitch The Startup series what motivates him to invest in a startup.

Catch him on Day 1: The Hyper (R)evolution of Eating – Pitch The Startup

Andrew Stephen

Andrew Stephen, CEO, The Sustainable Restaurant Association

Andrew is the CEO of the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) a not-for-profit organisation focused solely on the challenge of fostering a better food system by directing, nudging, shaping, creating and measuring sustainable change in the foodservice sector. They do this through Food Made Good, a collaborative community that connects chefs, restaurateurs, marketers, foodies and social changers together to make food good for people and the planet. Join Andrew for a whistle stop tour around the planet to explore the exciting social enterprise models that are helping solve food waste and hunger in commercial, scalable, sustainable and even unexpected ways.

Catch him on Day 3: Voting With Their Forks – Keynote – How Local Heroes Are Solving Global Problems

Joanna de Koning is the new Director of Communications for Just Eat. Shot on all three floors at Fleet Place House, London. 12th April 2016 Photography by Fergus Burnett Accreditation required with all use - ''

Joanna De Koning, Head of Corporate Communications, Just Eat

Joanna is head of corporate communications at Just Eat, a leading global marketplace for online food delivery. Just Eat operates in 12 markets and has 19 million customers and 74,500 restaurant partners globally. Jo is responsible for the company’s external narrative and responsible business strategy, working closely with Just Eat’s Executive Team, marketing and investor relations colleagues to ensure the company’s voice is heard on the issues that matter. Join Joanna as she shares how Just Eat works with organisations to enrich their restaurant partners’ skills and knowledge in the name of strengthening the restaurant supply chain for the benefit of people and the planet.

Catch her on Day 3: Voting With Their Forks – You’re Only as Strong As…


Jonathan Petrides, Founder, allplants

JP is the founder of allplants, delivering hand-made plant-based deliciousness, fresh-frozen to your doorstep. They shamelessly use bold flavours and hyper convenience to bring more plants onto plates across the UK, inspiring us all to eat healthy and nourish the planet. He previously launched Penda Health, an award-winning Nairobi-based chain of retail Medical Centres, and prior to that started Africa’s first mobile bank from paper concept to +10M previously unbanked users in Kenya borrowing and saving over SMS. He’ll be speaking at The Disruptors, our YFood Talks series on the revolution of consumers eating habits.

Catch him on Day 1: The Hyper (R)evolution of Eating – The Disruptors (YFood Talks) – The R(E)volution is here


David McIntyre, Global Head of Food, Airbnb

David McIntyre oversees all things Food for Airbnb, including self-operating dining programs for 35 global offices and business development for Airbnb’s Experiences platform. Follow David as he delves into how Airbnb is enabling local epicureans and tastemakers to offer their own experiences to tourists and locals alike.

Catch him on Day 4: The Tables Are Turning – Live Like a Local – Eat Like a Local

Jamie Bolding (1)

Jamie Bolding, Founder & CEO, Jungle Creations

Jamie is the Founder and CEO of Jungle Creations, the third most viewed media property in the UK and the fifth most viewed in the world, which also owns VT, crowned the most viewed Facebook channel in the world in March 2017. Jamie created VT in 2014, which quickly gained over one million followers. From this 16 other Facebook channels were born that cover a whole breadth of topics, including ‘Twisted’, the company’s food channel, and ‘Bosh’ its channel championing vegan recipes. Today Jungle Creations works with some of the world’s biggest brands to create original and engaging content for its over 43 million followers. Listen to Jamie dissect the influence and impact social media has had on the food industry and be part of an industry first with Jungle Creations’ delivery restaurant launching during Food Tech Week and attendees getting a first taste of the menu.

Catch him on Day 4: The Tables Are Turning – The Future is Social


Kevin Duffy, Winnow, Co-Founder

Kevin co-founded Winnow to help the hospitality sector cut food waste using technology. Winnow is a smart meter to help chefs measure, monitor and dramatically reduce food waste. Since launching in 2013, Winnow has been deployed in over 600 kitchens in 30 countries. Kevin joins us to share how technology has been upgrading commercial kitchens and the implications this has on the industry.

Catch him on Day 4: The Tables Are Turning – How new technologies are opening up a world of possibilities for chefs

Charles Spence

Professor Charles Spence, Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University

Professor Charles Spence is a world-renowned experimental psychologist specialising in neuroscience-inspired multi-sensory design. He established the Crossmodal Research Laboratory (CRL) at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University in 1997. Much of Professor Spence’s work focuses on the design of enhanced multi-sensory food and drink experiences, through collaborations with chefs, baristas, mixologists, perfumiers, and the food and beverage, and flavour and fragrance industries. Professor Spence has also worked extensively on the question of how technology will transform our dining experiences in the future. Join Professor Spence as he deep-dives into how unlocking the understanding of the human mind can influence design of environments, foods, and products to support the growing experience economy

Catch him on Day 2: The Tech Food Reality – Keynote – Playing Mind Games with your Food


Jamie Spafford, Co-Founder, SORTEDfood

Jamie looks after community, media and partner relationships for SORTEDfood, one of the largest and most engaged food channels on YouTube with a global community of over 2 million fans. Jamie will be joining The Disruptors, our YFood Talks series to explore new dining experiences technology is creating for diners and F&B and hospitality businesses.

Catch him on Day 2: The Tech Food Reality – The Disruptors (YFood Talks)


Hulya ErdalChef, Made by the Chef

Hulya works as a chef, educator, marketeer and culinary consultant, developing cookery courses and training others to be chefs. From charity organisations to private institutions, Hulya utilises over 20 years of food knowledge and experience within the catering and hospitality sector to benefit educational establishments looking to grow their brand and advance in the world of gastronomy. Listen to Hulya’s unique perspective as a chef on how technology is changing the way chefs work

Catch her on Day 4: The Tables are Turning – How New Technologies are Opening Up a World of Possibilities for Chefs

Gary Stutte NDTV_crop

Dr. Gary StutteScientist & Consultant, SyNRGE

Dr. Gary Stutte led research at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Centre to develop sustainable food production systems for long duration space missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Dr. Stutte is actively engaged in developing ground-based applications for space technology in biosciences, protected agriculture and commercial horticulture. He has published over 150 scientific articles on the effects of growth conditions on crops grown in closed environments, fruit production, space biology, LED lighting systems, and biological life support systems for missions to the Moon and Mars. Dr. Stutte is a founding member and Executive Director for the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants. He founded SyNRGE, LLC in 2015, specializing in Space Agriculture and Controlled Environment Technology. Join Dr. Stutte as he explores how looking to grow plants in space has unlocked secrets to how we can grow more effectively on earth.

Catch him on Day 5: Smart Food Cities – Space Agriculture:  Lessons for Sustainable Food Systems on Earth

Dr Regan Koch

Dr. Regan KochLecturer in Human Geography, Queen Mary University of London

Dr. Koch is a Lecturer in Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London. His interests are in matters of urban public space, collective culture, and the representation and imagination of cities. Working between London and cities across the USA, his research has explored food-related trends, social entrepreneurship, regulation and changes in how we live together in cities. He is co-editor of Key Thinkers on Cities (Sage 2017) and is currently working on a monograph entitled The Public Life of Cities (both with Alan Latham, UCL). Dr. Koch has a PhD in Geography and Urban Studies from UCL. Join Dr. Koch in exploring how food and public space play a role in shaping urban experiences and imaginations.

Catch him on Day 5: Smart Food Cities – Food, Public Space and The Urban Imagination


Saasha Celestial-OneCo-Founder, Olio

Saasha Celestial-One is the daughter of Iowa hippy entrepreneurs who was raised with a deep appreciation for the planet and its scarce resources. After completing her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she met her OLIO co-founder Tessa, Saasha spent 9 years in various strategy and businesses development roles. Since launching the food sharing app OLIO in 2015,  they have amassed over a quarter of a million users globally and facilitated over 80,000 neighbour-to-neighbour doorstep exchanges. Listen to Saasha share her experience on collaborating with Hellman’s to help people reduce food waste.

Catch her on Day 5: Smart Food Cities – Case Study: OLIO and Hellman’s


Fredrika Gulfot, Founder & CEO, Simris

Fredrika Gullfot is the CEO and founder of Simris Alg, a pioneering agribusiness listed on the Nasdaq First North growth market. Simris’ main focus is the production of omega-3 from farmed algae as a premium alternative to fish oil. Fredrika holds a PhD in biotechnology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. She is the first female awarded with the Swedish Chemical Engineering Prize and is a WIRED Innovation Fellow, appointed by Wired UK in 2015 as one of 12 innovators with the potential to change the world. Simris was recently awarded with the Swedish Food Award 2017 for its contributions to renewal of the industry. Listen to Fredrika share about her agribusiness experience and its game-changing potential at The Disruptors, our YFood Talks series.

Catch her on Day 1: The Hyper (R)evolution of Food – The Disruptors (YFood Talks) – The R(E)volution is here

Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes, Managing Director, Shift

Chris heads up Shift’s Healthy Food programme, developing products and services that catalyse changes in existing food categories that lead to better diets. The team are currently focused on fast food with programmes underway in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Birmingham. This work builds on the success of ‘Box Chicken’, Shift’s development of a healthier fried chicken outlet. Following a 15-year commercial career in the food industry, Chris has spent the last 12-years applying behavioural science to a variety of social issues. His particular interest is in childhood obesity and how to harness the competitive dynamics of consumer markets to deliver pro-social outcomes.

Catch him on Day 3: Voting With Their Forks – You’re Only as Strong As…

Christopher Moore

Christopher MooreChief Executive, The Clink

Christopher has more than 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry having previously worked for Fenwick for 13 years as Head of Group Restaurants. Here he created and operated 37 restaurants across 12 UK sites. Prior to this, Chris worked at Harrods for eight years as Restaurants General Manager. Chris also worked for the Hilton Hotel Group for five years and trained with the Holiday Inn Hotel Group in New York. In 2010 Chris was appointed Chief Executive of The Clink Charity as part of a long-term plan to expand the prisoner training concept across Her Majesty’s Prison Service. Hear from Chris about how the Clink has helped equip inmates and offenders with the skills to grow, cook and serve food fit for fining dining and drastically reduced re-offending rates.

Catch him on Day 3: Putting Hope on the Menu

Come and listen to what these disruptors, and dozens more, have to say about innovation and technology in the food system. Or better yet, meet them in person! Disocver the rest of our speakers (with more announced every day) HERE and get your all access Passports to London Food Tech Week 2017 NOW.

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