Startup Callout – Your Chance to be Part of London Food Tech Week

Thursday 21st September

By YFood

We’re an interactive platform passionate about driving innovation in the Food Industry using technology by connecting and supporting the most brilliant minds in the food industry.

Want to get your business on the world stage and in front of hundreds of potential investors, partners and customers at London Food Tech Week? Want to showcase your startup as an industry thought leader and host a YFood Community Event as part of the world’s biggest Food Tech festival? Fancy popping up at London’s first ever Food Tech Village at Borough Market for a chance to interact face-to-face with thousands of consumers that pass through this iconic London institution every day?



This is your chance as we’re inviting all Food Tech startups to apply to be part of London Food Tech Week content from 30th October to 4th November. These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are open to London Food Tech Week attendees so get your Passport now to make sure your application is considered and apply. If you’re also looking to meet investors one-on-one, make sure you buy a Premium Passport to book into investor Drop-in sessions.

The opportunities are outlined below and you can apply for multiple events in one go – just let us know on the application form which ones you are interested in:

YFood of Genius (30th Oct)


YFood of Genius is a collaboration and innovation event for Food Tech with House of Genius. Three top funded Food Tech startups, a panel of 10 key industry influencers, as well as a select number of Premium & VIP Passport holders & invited spectators from the food and tech industry will be present. All attendees remain anonymous until the end of the event, when all identities are revealed at THE BIG REVEAL. The anonymity enables non-weighted feedback that can be democratically discussed and allows for connection between attendees on a personal level.

The Future of Tech Showcase (31st Oct)

We’re giving exclusive access to the media, influencers, top executives in the Food Industry and Investors to see and experience some of the most innovative Food Tech and Food Products from around the globe. Set to be one of the most talked about events of the week, we’re on the lookout for pioneering companies to take part.

Pitch to Impress (2nd Nov & 3rd Nov)

In an exciting first, startups with cutting edge Food Tech will be able to pitch to our brilliant panel of industry leaders and investors. If you impress, you could land the deal or Investment of your lifetime!  Open to Food Tech startup Passport holders in hospitality, restaurant, and Smart Cities Tech.

YFood Talks (The Disruptors) (30th Oct to 3rd Nov)

The world is changing and the possibility for tech disruption is bigger than ever. We want our audience to hear from the hottest global disruptors who are using tech to enhance and facilitate new interactions and experiences with our food. Is that you?

Apply to take part in one (or more!) of the day themes.

Day 1 The Hyper R(E)volution of Eating: Learn how changing diets, new research and innovative tech is innovating how we eat, understand ourselves and maximise our potential.

Day 2 The Tech Food Reality: Learn how robotics, AI, connected appliances, vending, visual representation, big data and the IoT are game changers for the Food Industry and how they can be applied to deliver efficiencies, experiences and completely new sales channels never accessible before.

Day 3 Voting with their Forks: How can you change the world and develop a commercial business? The world’s problems are no longer just the responsibility of the Sustainability manager or CSR department. The problems are ALL of our responsibilities. Many Food Tech businesses not only stand for something, but are the masters of their own destiny because they’ve built a business model that can sustain their impact. We’ll introduce you to startups that are tackling packaging challenges, creating reliable and sustainable supply chains, 360 economies and zero waste.

Day 4 The Tables are Turning:  Where is the opportunity for tech in the hospitality industry? The industry is one of the slowest to adopt technology and for good reason. Operators are concerned that tech will affect the experience for customers. The times are changing and competition is heating up – we’ll explore how technology can create efficiencies otherwise unavailable whilst enhancing the customer experience.

Day 5 Smart Food Cities: Find out how the democratisation of growing, robots, new uses of waste, the incoming 24-hour demand and 360 economy have opened up exciting pathways for innovative Food Tech companies to drive us towards truly smart, food cities.

YFood Community Events (30th Oct to 3rd Nov)

Supporting Food Tech startups is at the core of everything we do at YFood. Therefore, as part of London Food Tech Week, we are inviting the Food Tech startup community to host events, creating an opportunity to showcase your talent, celebrate your success, bring together the Food Tech community, create a forum to problem-solve and a hub for innovation and ideas, hold a workshop or mash-up with a complimentary brand, and most importantly, have fun.  Past community event hosts include Bio Bean, Nutrifix, Kafoodle, Sure, Winnow, and more.

This is your chance to create a dynamic forum to bring thought leaders, investors, brand partners and like minded individuals to you.

Food Tech Village at Borough Market (2nd Nov to 4th Nov)

In an industry first, YFood is collaborating with the iconic Borough Market to pop up a Food Tech Village from Thursday 2 to Saturday 4 November to bring Food Tech to the thousands of customers that walk through this iconic market every day. Consumer facing Food Tech startups will have the chance to showcase their amazing products and services to potential customers and tap into the media hype that such an industry first brings. If you are interested to find out more about this opportunity, let us know in the attached form and we’ll get in touch.

Have You Got Your Ticket?

These once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are open to London Food Tech Week attendees so get your Passport to make sure your application is considered. The YFood Community Events and the Food Tech Village at Borough Market have a fee associated with them but ticket access for the week is included within this.

If you want to get your business on the world stage and in front of hundreds of potential investors, partners and customers at London Food Tech Week, sign up here! We will review all eligible applications and get in touch with you if you have been successful.

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