Cooking up a Video Storm with Youtube star Jamie Spafford of SORTEDfood

Thursday 9th March

By YFood

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JAMIE SPAFFORD, one fourth of YouTube’s cooking wonder boys SORTEDfood shares his key insights after nearly 7 years on YouTube - the launching pad that gave four friends who loved to cook a platform to share their delicious mission and message with the rest of the connected world.

With over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers and a combined following of over 370,000 on social media, SORTEDfood are no strangers to the tuned-in digital consumer. The lovable foursome of Jamie Spafford, Ben Ebbrell, Barry Taylor and Mike Huttlestone have had a smash hit on their mitts ever since they burst onto the scene with their off-kilter, unintimidating and extremely funny YouTube format cooking show.

The camaraderie and banter between the main stars of SORTEDfood is authentic as they’ve known each other for over 19 years. It is this sincerity and warmth, paired with their it’s-not-rocket-science recipes that have pushed them to the forefront of video content in the digital age. As one of YouTube’s most engaged cooking channels in the world, you’ll want to take note.

So you want to be a video influencer?

Do what you love. This is not simply a 9-to-5 job. This is the kind of thing that takes up all your time to grow as much as possible. If you don’t love it, it will seem like a chore and your audiences can tell very easily if you are not enjoying every last bit of what you do.

When collaborating, remember that creators have more to lose than big brands do.

Collaboration between YouTube creators and big brands is nothing new. As more brands try to tap into a younger, Gen Z audience, YouTube creators are increasingly commissioned in the brands’ race to engagement. In the collaborative process, the brands are usually in control as they are perceived to be the client. However, it is the content creators who have an intimate understanding and access to the audience that these brands are trying to reach. An off-brand message from the creator to their audience could be seen as ‘selling out’ and could potentially damage their reputation with the audience they have so painstakingly built. Therefore it is important that big brands seeking to work with content creators place their trust in the creators and allow them creative control.

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Listening to feedback from your community is important.

Many recipes on SORTEDfood have come from requests online. Community feedback needs to be paid serious attention. On top of that, always be aware of your surroundings and never stop looking around to see what the next relevant thing is and how you can step up to create engaging content. Use community feedback to build up to what happens next. SORTEDfood has thrived on creating entertaining videos based on the contribution of their supportive community.

What does the future hold?

Digital media platforms are starting to move towards catering to more niche interests. These platforms recognise that despite the smaller audience share, they produce high engagement rates because they feature content that their audiences are extremely passionate about. As for SORTEDfood, they are looking at making tools that will get more people into the kitchen. SORTEDfood’s mission has always been about giving people the tools (centred around video) they need to learn to cook and enjoy themselves at the same time. In 2014 they launched an app that allows users to upload their own recipes and build their own products around food.

Jamie Spafford handles SORTEDfood’s communications, social media, PR, marketing and business development. He joined us atLondon Food Tech Week 2016 to share his stories and insights on the importance of video engagement in the digital age. Get set for even more exciting events like this at London Food Tech Week 2017. Don’t miss out and get your tickets here.

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