Hospitality Tech Trends That Have Investors Licking Their Lips

Wednesday 4th January

By YFood

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Where once tech and the restaurant and hospitality industry might have seemed like strange bedfellows, all that is changing today at a fast-food pace. We spoke to MICHAEL ATKINSON, serial investor and restaurant tech multi-hyphenate for his take on the tech trends in hospitality.

The realms of technology and dining and hospitality have well and truly collided as tech has begun and continues to find its place in kitchens and dining spaces. Countless software and hardware solutions have been helping to streamline restaurant processes and efficiencies, all the while enhancing customer service and satisfaction.
The continued use by consumers of smart devices for everything from reservations to pre-ordering food indicates that there’s no stopping technology from taking a seat at the table. Michael zooms in on Food Tech trends that are going to grow in importance in the restaurant & hospitality industry.

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Unification of technologies

As more operators turn to tech to improve their performance, it’s easy to get carried away with the many applications and softwares that could end up complicating the process. With so many different tech stacks use, it is important that there is the function to integrate cloud APIs across these existing technologies. Happytables is such a software that aggregates important KPIs from the restaurant’s existing apps in real-time, enabling operators to take data-informed actions right there and then. The purpose of which, is to deliver a user experience that is simplified so that staff from all levels can utilise this tech.  

Conversational interfaces

Michael is also setting his sights on the human interface and conversational commerce. This means using voice and text chatbots to enable restaurant operators to manage guest services and guest satisfaction, and enable consumers to order food, make reservations and  engage interactively where billions of people are online already. The use of chatbots can also extend to B2B applications where operators from different verticals are able to order from other vendors. This accelerated ease of using chatbots on messenger platforms like Facebook, Kik, Whatsapp, WeChat and Slack are permeating the industry as operators seek more efficient ways to quell the growing demands of their guests. In fact, several big name brands are already on board and going full steam ahead with chatbots!

Tech software that unlocks customer behaviour information

F&B operators are increasingly aware of the importance of bridging gaps in communication between staff and consumers and widening access to information that will inform them how to improve their service and business. More education allows companies to understand their consumers and decide how best to engage them. Real-time tracking enables operators to constantly identify where and why sales are behaving the way they are, and to act accordingly, leading to increased profits, enhanced service performance and ultimately happier staff and customers. Visual tools like dashboards make this collected data readily accessible to operators, key stakeholders and staff. This means businesses can stay ahead of their consumers and anticipate their needs and wants — and anticipation is crucial in creating memorable guest experiences.

Michael Atkinson presented during London Food Tech Week 2016 during Pitch the Startup — a game-changing session where we turned the spotlight onto investors instead and asked them why they invested in the startups they did. For more pioneering events like this, be sure to join us at London Food Tech Week 2017. Pre-register now.

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