That Day…The Food Busker manned up and ate insects!

Tuesday 29th November

By YFood

We’re an interactive platform passionate about driving innovation in the Food Industry using technology by connecting and supporting the most brilliant minds in the food industry.

On THAT DAY... we relive our best moments during London Food Tech Week. This entire session was filmed on a teeny mobile phone camera and live-streamed on social media. We've definitely come a long way with our voracious appetites for digital content pushing technology advancements forward!

The unstoppable John Quilter aka The Food Busker descended upon our Insect Bar to take on some crickets.

On the Future of Food Day, we took over Carousel in Marylebone for our wacky and wondrous Experiential Insect Bar! Nary a cricket nor mealworm was safe from The Food Busker as he paid us a visit.

We were joined by amazing insect innovators who had all their most delicious (insect-based) foods out to entice visitors to cross over to the bug side. It is the future after all.

Navigate through our Insect Bar with The Food Busker as he samples some insect treats and even tries a cocktail made with crickets. Watch below.



To learn more about eating insects, get acquainted with several insect innovators shaking up the entomophagy scene!

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